The Last, The First

By Ruby


Today is the last day of my career.

After years of building my profession as a lawyer, first through law school, and then through working as a litigator at a big law firm, today I say goodbye and walk away.

Although I am walking away from something that many may see as prestigious and rewarding – a brass ring of sorts – I am more excited and inspired to think about what I am pivoting towards, and the lessons I learned from this experience about who I am, and what I value.

The life of a lawyer, particularly at large firms, is stressful and demanding. Lawyers are required to work long hours, to be always-accessible, and to churn out high-quality legal product.  We are paid well for this work, and I happened to be very good at what I did. I was touted as a “superstar” rising lawyer, on the fast track to partnership and all of the prestige and money that comes with it.

I was also losing myself.

There is so much about this story that I can’t wait to tell you. And I know that there is a lot that Amethyst wants to share with you as well.

We are starting a new adventure together. One away from desks, and salaries, and billable hours, and clients. An adventure of ideas, and art, and community. And this place is where we will be sharing that adventure with you.

Welcome to Camp Gemstone. We hope to bring you sparkle.

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