Camp Gemstone is the life project of two intrepid explorers – Ruby and Amethyst. We are two thirty-somethings escaping the trappings of modern life to find a truer way of experiencing the world. We welcome others with the same goals to join us.

“Ruby and Amethyst” were born out of the music festival scene and have grown up in the burner community. It was at regional burns that we developed and refined Camp Gemstone, and realized that the philosophy behind our burner camp could be a guidepost for our art and lives.

Camp Gemstone walks a path of spiritual and communal growth, knowing that the path does not have an end. We are always welcoming new people and ideas to further our Five Precepts (Immediacy, Community, Contemplation, Discovery, and Beauty).

At regional Burning Man events, we try to spread magic in many ways: costuming, gifts, performances, and connections.

At home in Baltimore, the camp hosts events at our space in Hampden, La Bodega Unión, with the same goals.

At Parnassus – Ruby and Amethyst’s 5-acre sliver of raw forest land in the mountains of Appalachian West Virginia, we hold longer events, and maybe a small(ish) burn once a year.

Thank you for joining us!


We aren’t selling anything. We won’t e-mail you unless you email us first.